Airborne geomorphological

Geological mapping and

Panning placer gold in the Klondike

Fieldwork in Livingstone placer area

Kluane prospecting and
consulting, on placer mine

Conference, Russia

Conducting regional placer exploration program in Kluane district

Investigation of elevated

Measuring gravel sections,
Fortymile area

Sampling placer gravels near Dawson

Placer evaluation at the Kondyor platinum placer mine, Russian Far East, 2011

Auger drilling on Patton Creek, Yukon with Kryotek Arctic Innovation Inc, 2014

Geological mapping in Northern B.C., 2013

Placer diamond dredge in Krasnovishersk, Russia, 2005

Placer evaluation at placer mine in Cassiar, B.C., 2014